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Inotropic and Vasopressor Therapy for Decompensated Right Heart Failure

Gautam Ramani


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Release Date: 06.11.2013

Presentation Type: Webinars

This webinar was originally presented 9 April 2013.

In this webinar, originaly recorded 9 April 2013, Gautam Ramani, MD from the University of Maryland School of Medicine discusses the currently available evidence for inotropic and vasopressor therapies in patients with decompensated right ventricular failure. Decompensated right ventricular failure can be associated with pulmonary hypertension, especially in the presence of right ventricular pressure overload.

Due to the high mortality rate, it is important to understand the possible therapy options that would augment cardiac output and help to maintain blood pressure. He also discusses what the current evidence says about how inotropes and vasopressors may be used in conjunction in these patients to help improve patient outcomes.