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Investigating the Role of Micro Particles in PH

Natalie Bauer


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Release Date: 09.17.2012

Presentation Type: Webinars

A focus of Dr. Bauer’s laboratory is to determine whether microparticles (MPs), circulating submicron vesicles, variably released by resting, activated, and injured vascular wall and circulating blood cells, can function as a specific marker for development and progression of PAH. These vesicles can be isolated from blood and determinations about their cell source can be made.

By understanding the source and function of these MPs, Dr. Bauer and her co-workers hope to identify specific populations (phenotypes) of circulating MPs that reflect the pathologic changes that occur in PAH. Identification of a noninvasive biomarker sensitive and specific to PAH would enhance the diagnostic procedure and may lead to new discoveries about the initiation and progression of this devastating disease.