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The Herd Shot Round the World

Robert Grover


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Conference: History of PH

Release Date: 09.08.2011

Presentation Type: Audio & Video Podcasts


At the 2011 Grover Conference, Dr. Bob Grover discussed his role in developing the understanding of pulmonary hypertension associated with high altitude.  As a researcher at the University of Colorado, Dr. Grover and his colleague, Dr. Jack Reeves, became interested in the cases of “brisket disease” or PH that was developing in cows that were brought to Colorado from sea level.  They suspected that atmospheric hypoxia might be causing brisket disease and set up an experiment to expose a group of young steers to chronic atmospheric hypoxia at 12,700 feet for 2 month while documenting the time course of their pulmonary vascular responses.  Their results helped to confirm the role that high altitude can play in chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertension.