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Diagnostics and Work-up of Pulmonary Vascular Disease: When, Why and How?

Francisco Soto


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Conference: 2012 International PHA Conference and Scientific Sessions

Release Date: 01.04.2013

Presentation Type: Breakout Sessions

Diagnostic and Work up

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify early symptoms, exam findings and risk factors that could point to pulmonary vascular disease as the cause of the patient’s symptomatology
  • Develop a practical and cost effective algorithm for the initial assessment and triage of symptoms suggestive of pulmonary vascular disease
  • Demonstrate an ability to look beyond what the standard diagnostic tests appear to tell you

In this session, we will discuss the clinical scenarios that should prompt the provider to suspect the presence of pulmonary vascular disease. The optimal diagnostic tools and work up sequence will be discussed in detail.



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