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Bonnie Hudak, MD

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Division of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Clinic
Department of Pediatric - Clinic


Dr. Hudak


  • PH In Its Most Common Forms: Clinical Vignettes for WHO Groups 1, 2, and 4 This information-intensive, clinical vignette provides an overview of pulmonary hypertension as it most commonly presents itself using clinical case studies. This previously recorded live webinar presents and examines WHO Groups I, II, and IV, offering an interesting perspective on topics in health care barriers, common diagnostic pitfalls, and the complexities of pediatric PH.
  • The Clinical Pathway to Early, Accurate PH Diagnosis This course aims to instruct physicians on the imperative role of early diagnosis in pulmonary hypertension through a series of clinical vignettes. Participants are tested on clinical knowledge of PH through topics that range from pediatric PH to chronic thromboembolic PH.