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Advances in PH Journal

News to Use Winter 2013

Michael Gray


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Vol 11, No 4 (winter 2013
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Help Your Patients and Caregivers Connect to Support

PHA offers monthly telephone support groups for patients, caregivers, and parents. We make it easy for you to share this resource with your patients: you can sign up for email alerts, download a postcard as a PDF, or request printed postcards for your clinic at Your patients can also find a support group in their community by going to

New Resources on PVD and Right Ventricular Dysfunction

Sessions from the September 2012 Keystone Symposium, titled “Pulmonary Vascular Disease and Right Ventricular Dysfunction: Current Concepts and Future Therapies,” are now on PHA Online University. Organized by Drs. Georg Hansmann of Hannover Medical School, Stephen L. Archer of Queen's University, and Margaret R. MacLean of the University of Glasgow, this conference gathered basic and clinical researchers in pulmonary vascular disease and right ventricular dysfunction. Recordings cover topics such as cell phenotype and function in PAH, right ventricle and pulmonary circulation in PAH, right ventricle failure in PAH, and more. The recordings are at

Global PHCR Memberships

To increase global membership in PH Clinicians and Researchers (PHCR) and foster the sharing of ideas around the world, PHA is offering free first-year membership for non-US physicians, researchers, residents, and fellows interested in PH. Benefits of PHCR membership include case-based learning opportunities by top PH specialists, access to an email group of a growing number of PHCR members, inclusion in PHA's Find a Doctor Directory, and more. For medical professionals in countries that have a gross national income per capita of less than $5000 USD, PHCR memberships may be renewed at no cost each year. Learn more at