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Diagnosis & Treatment

Insurance Resources for Health Professionals

Insurance Resources for Health Professionals

As a PH-treating medical professional, you play an important as an advocate for your patients. Use the tools below to help them access necessary treatments.

Template Letters

Insurance companies require documentation from physicians when reviewing cases, and a letter that clearly lays out the medical evidence can expedite the response from insurance companies. The following template letters provide convenient ways to present your patient’s case for treatment.   

Share your Template Letters

If you have a letter that has proved effective in your practice, please share it with other PH medical professionals.

Social Security Disability

While PH does not exactly match the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability, many PH patients have successfully applied for disability benefits.  Support from their medical professionals is critical and begins before an application is even submitted with the way case notes are kept.

Healthcare Reform & PH

Read PHA’s Statement of Principles on Healthcare Reform.


For more information, please contact PHA's Insurance Program at or 301-565-3004 x 773.


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