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2015 PH Professional Network Symposium

The 2015 PH Professional Network (PHPN) Symposium, Setting the Pace in the PH Race through Education, Research and Advocacy marks the seventh biennial PHPN Symposium. Held on September 17-19, 2015 in Arlington, Va., the event is hosted by PHA and PHPN, and is planned by the PHPN Symposium Committee. This committee is led by chair Fran Rogers MSN CRNP and vice-chair Michelle Cash MSN RN, APRN.


Click here to view the thirty abstracts that were accepted for and presented at the 2015 PH Professional Network Symposium.

Advocacy Day

Click here to learn more about how to participate in the 2015 PHA Advocacy Day at the PH Professional Network Symposium.

Session Resources

Opening Session

  1. Setting the Pace in the PH Race: A PHenomenal Journey
    Anne-Marie Alderson, MBA; M. Patricia George, M.D.

Plenary Sessions

  1. Battling the Blues: Depression and the PH Patient
    Anthony McGuire, Ph.D., ACNP-BC, FAHA
  1. It's a Small World After All: 5th World Symposium Review
    Ian Adatia, MBChB, CRCP; Roberto Machado, M.D.

  2. Making Sense of the Numbers: Understanding Complex PH through Advanced Hemodynamics
    Lillian Hansen, MSN, MS, MEd, NP-C; Franz Rischard, D.O., MS

  3. Turn the Beat Around: Adult Congenital Heart Disease
    Michael Landzberg, M.D.

General Sessions

  1. CTEPH and CTED: Diseases that Hide in Plain Sight
    Paul Forfia, M.D.; Fran Rogers, MSN, CRNP

  2. Here We Grow Again: Regenerative Medicine
    Duncan Stewart, M.D.

  3. The Accreditation Journey: PHCC Site Visits
    Traci Housten, RN, MSN; Abby Poms, RRT, CCRP

  4. The Great Prostacyclin Debate
    Kelly Chin, M.D.; R. James White, M.D., Ph.D.; Melisa Wilson, ARNP, ACNP-BC

Breakout Sessions

  1. A Cut Above the Rest: Coordinating Perioperative Care between Anesthesiologists and the PH Team
    Traci Housten, RN, MS; Todd Kolb, M.D., Ph.D.

  2. As If! Don't Be Clueless about Managing the Teenage Patient
    Daniela Brady, FNP; Anna Brown, MSN, CPNP

  3. Avoiding Infusion Confusion: The Safe Use of Infused Prostacyclins
    Laura Duvall, PharmD, BCPS; Rebekah Hanson, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP

  4. Don't Be in Denial: Insurance and Disability Issues
    Maribeth Duncan, MSN, ANP-BC; Sharon Jones, RN, MSN

  5. Every Breath Counts: When to Involve Palliative Care
    Stephen Mathai, M.D., MHS; Allyson Rupp, MSN, LCSW

  6. Filtering Through the Facts: Portopulmonary Hypertension
    Traci Stewart, RN, MSN, CHFN; Joel Wirth, M.D.

  7. Getting the Skinny on Bariatric Surgery
    Michael Mathier, M.D., FACC; Sean Studer, M.D., MSc

  8. Keep Calm and Breathe On: Oxygen Use in PH
    Tonya Zeiger, RRT, CPFT

  9. It's More than Just ABC and 123: Managing the Complex Pediatric PH Patient
    Emma Olson, MS, RN, C-PNP; Stephen Walker, MS, CRNP

  10. It's Not All About the Lipstick: Women's Health & PH
    Jane Devereux, RN, BSN; Myung Park, M.D.

  11. It's Not Just Water Under the Bridge: Fluid and Sodium Management
    Richard Channick, M.D.; Sandra Lombardi, RN

  12. Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! Nightmares in Pediatric PH
    Russel Hirsch, M.D.; Patricia Lawrence, CPNP-AC/PC

  13. PH in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    Deedre Boekweg, RN, BSN, CCRP; K. Akaya Smith, M.D.

  14. Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze: The Importance of Right Ventricular Function and PH PH in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    Javier Jimenez, M.D., Ph.D

  15. The Hole Story: When to Consider Atrial Septostomy in the Adult with PAH
    Barbara Prendes, MS, ARNP-C; Mark Rumbak, M.D.

  16. The Longest Mile: Invasive Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
    David Systrom, M.D.; Jeffrey Voner, MPH, MSHS, PA-C

  17. The Use of Oral Treprostinil in Pediatric Patients
    Susan Hancock, RN, BSN, CPN; Rachel Tkaczyk, MSN, CRNP

  18. To SNF or not to SNF: PH Therapies in Extended Care Facilities
    Samuel Allen, D.O., FCCP; Jennifer Priziola, PharmD, BCPS

  19. Variety is the Spice of Life: Combination Therapy for PAH
    Martha Kingman, DNP, FNP-C; Steven Nathan, M.D.

  20. What Goes Bump in the Night: Nightmares in PH
    George Ruiz, M.D.; Crystal Weber, RN


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